McAfee Internet Security 2018 3PC - Download License

McAfee Internet Security 2018 3PC - Download License




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McAfee Internet Security 2018, 3 Users, 1 Year, PC, English

Trusted Tech Team has the most reputable internet security software programs for download at the lowest prices. With McAfee Internet Security 2018 for three PCs, you'll find a wide range of anti-virus, anti-spam and security features that will keep your files safe. Enjoy high-performance scanning engine, safe searching and shopping, security reports, vulnerability scanners, malicious ads and popup protection, parental controls and more when you quickly and easily download this licensing from Trusted Tech Team. Trusted Tech Team offers a wide variety of internet security products, based on your individual home or business needs. Unsure about what products are best for you? Contact Trusted Tech Team and we'll help you determine which internet security product is best for your needs.

Product Name McAfee Inet Security 3 Piece 2018 EN
Product Type Software Licensing
License Validation Period 1 Year
Language Supported English
License Pricing Standard
License Type Subscription Package
Platform Supported PC
License Quantity 3 PC
Package Type Download
Service & Support 1 Year - New Releases Update

1 Year - Virus Definitions Update

1 Year - Email Support

1 Year - Web Support

1 Year - Web Knowledge Base Access

Operating System Supported Windows
Software Name Internet Security 2018



Product features

  • High-performance scanning engine
    McAfee built its next-generation scanning engine to guard your PC from the latest viruses, Trojans, spyware, rootkits, and other threats, all without seriously compromising battery life or slowing down your PC.
  • Safe searching and shopping
    With color-coded icons next to every search result, including popular social networking sites, youll know if the site youre about to visit is safe.
  • Digital data message
    McAfee provides information about the location of the blocked IP address and what makes the connection unsafe.
  • Home screen
    Got a touch-friendly device? McAfee home screen is built for ease of use with these devices . And it still works great with a track pad or mouse, so navigating to common security tasks is a breeze on any device.
  • Security reports
    McAfee has redesigned the security report to bring you the information you need in visually interesting ways. The new report includes relevant images and links for an easier-to-understand snapshot of whats going on in the world of security.
  • Vulnerability scanner
    If your operating systems (OS) and programs are out of date, you could be vulnerable to threats. The vulnerability scanner checks your PC for missing updates, and then recommends solutions to keep you safe.
  • Malicious ads and popup protection
    Websites dont always have control over the ads they display. Sometimes, you might find a risky ad on a site you trust every day. McAfee automatically blocks suspect malicious ads to keep you protected.
  • Antispam
    All those unwanted emails arent just annoying. They could be malicious. McAfee will filter out all the undesirable stuff to keep you and your inbox protected. And the antispam engine integrates with the technology to make sure the right emails are making it into your inbox.
  • Parental controls
    Worried about your kids seeing stuff they shouldnt? Parental controls let you block inappropriate sites with age-based rules and adjustable categories. You can even limit the amount of time they spend online and print reports for every user youve set up.
  • Surfing report
    Find out what your kids have been up to online through the surfing report. Youll know when they log in, if they attempt to access forbidden sites, and how much time they spend online.