Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise

Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise




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Microsoft Exchange 2016 Enterprise

Microsoft Exchange 2016 Enterprise is a version of the popular Microsoft Exchange Server platform designed for cloud-based calendaring and mailing in enterprise settings. With a Microsoft Exchange 2016 Enterprise open license, users can add full enterprise functionality to 100 databases per server and anywhere from 2 to 250 devices. Open licenses are perpetual licenses and the program term is two years. Opting for this version of Exchange 2016 Server can reduce the Exchange Server license cost for mid-sized to large enterprises. Get your Microsoft Exchange 2016 Enterprise open license with free installation support here at ShopSoftwareKeys

No loss of functionality will occur when the Trial Edition expires, so you can maintain lab, demo, training, and other non-production environments beyond 120 days without having to reinstall the Trial Edition of Exchange 2016.

As mentioned earlier, you can't use product keys to downgrade from Enterprise Edition to Standard Edition, nor can you use them to revert to the Trial Edition. These types of downgrades can only be done by uninstalling Exchange 2016, reinstalling Exchange 2016, and entering the correct product key.

Microsoft Exchange 2016 is the latest version of this popular email and calendaring software and includes many features to make productivity a safe and secure endeavor. This Enterprise version expands on the features found in the standard version, most notably with the ability to scale to 100 mounted databases per server. The standard version is limited to five databases per server. Exchange 2016 includes data loss prevention with more sensitive information types as well as enhanced auditing for better reporting and easier integration with third-party apps. The email inbox in this version is more personalized and has more intelligent features and faster search capabilities to allow your employees to get more done. Exchange 2016 Enterprise can be used on mobile phones, tablets, desktops and the web and this server powers the latest Outlook. Note that this is an Open License and is designed for businesses with between two and 250 computers. Open licenses are perpetual licenses and the program term is two years.