SQL Server 2016 Enterprise - 2 Core w/ SA

SQL Server 2016 Enterprise - 2 Core w/ SA




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Mission-critical performance

  • Accelerates mission critical application development via in-memory OLTP engine with 10x-30x transactional performance gains.

  • Updatable in-memory column stores data warehousing queries 100x faster than legacy solutions.

Rapid data insight

  • BI platform quickens, cleans, and shapes internal/external data access and analysis.

  • Power BI for Office 365 integration connects users to essential data.

Hybrid cloud platform

  • Operates on-premises, in-cloud, or within a hybrid environment for back-up and disaster recovery solutions.

  • Azure on-ramps on-premises SQL databases to the cloud for Microsoft global datacenter enablement.


In-memory performance

  • Prompts 10x transaction processing and 100x data warehousing performance gains.

Predictable performance 

  • High TPC-E, TPC-H and real-world application performance benchmarks.

  • SAP-certification enhances performance predictability of virtualized instances via IO governance in Resource Governor. 

Availability & disaster recovery

  • AlwaysOn, a unified solution for high availability,  enhances uptime, failover, manageability, and hardware resources 


  • Each license is for 2 server cores and requires a minimum of 4 cores. 

  • MS compliance requires a minimum purchase of 2 open licenses, even if your machine has less than 4 cores.

  • Includes free installation support and Software Assurance for ongoing support.