SQL Server 2016 Standard + 5 CALs

SQL Server 2016 Standard + 5 CALs




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Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard with 5 Clients


How to license CALs:

  1. License each individual server with a SQL Server license
  2. License each user or device accessing the database with a SQL Server CAL

Need more help with CAL licensing? Take a look at our SQL CAL Licensing Guide

Take your data to the next level and optimize your server performance with Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2016. Available to download here with 5 user CALs, this high-performing database server gives users robust application-building tools, in-database analytics, security and more, all ready to be deployed by multiple yours. Plus, it’s available to download with free installation support from our Microsoft Silver partners here at ShopSoftwareKeys 

More Clients, More Productivity

This version sold by ShopSoftwareKeys  includes 5 concurrent connections into SQL 2016. 

The all new SQL Server 2017 is also available through ShopSoftwareKeys  If there are any questions about licensing, please call us at (855)-202-8140 and speak to one of our specialists today.