SQL Server 2017 - 1 User CAL

SQL Server 2017 - 1 User CAL




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Microsoft SQL Server 2017 - 1 User CAL

User CALs are required for individual access to Microsoft SQL Server 2017.ShopSoftwareKeys  offers the best price on individual user CALs, so you can easily add employees to your system without spending a lot of money. Users will be able to access the database from any device, including mobile phones, work computers, home computers, tablets and more. The single user CAL can be applied to Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard or Enterprise editions. It is delivered as a digital download and is typically sent within 30 minutes of purchase when ordered during our normal business hours.

User CALs are required for every User that accesses the database, regardless of the devices that are being used such as a mobile phone, work computer, and home computer.

Applies to SQL Server Editions: Standard & Enterprise.

MS SQL Server 2017 User CALs allow for a User to access the SQL Database no matter the devices they're using. User CALs are more cost effective if each User needs to access the server from different work stations, locations, or devices.

If you need to have external users such as a contractor accessing the database, you will need to purchase a User CAL for each contractor. These CALs can then be moved to another contractor when they are no longer on the job.