SQL Server 2017 - 5 Device CAL

SQL Server 2017 - 5 Device CAL




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Microsoft SQL Server 2017 - 5 Device CAL

Device CALs are required for every Device that accesses the database, regardless of the users who are accessing those devices.

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 allows users to do more with their data through industry-leading data performance and warehousing, bolstered security, mission-critical availability, built-in analytics and other cutting-edge tools and features. Growing your Microsoft SQL Server 2017-driven enterprise? Add up to 5 devices to your network instantly with this 5-Device CAL package for Microsoft SQL Server 2017, now available to download from ShopSoftwareKeys. a Microsoft Silver partner.

Applies to SQL Server Editions: Standard & Enterprise.

MS SQL Server 2017 Device CALs allow for an innumerable amount of users access using those devices. Device CALs are more cost effective if you have workers who share devices such as an AM shift and PM shift.

If you need to have external users such as a contractor accessing the database, you will need to purchase a Device CAL for each of their machines.