Webroot Business Endpoint Protection (New License) 1 Year

Webroot Business Endpoint Protection (New License) 1 Year




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Webroot Business Endpoint Protection (New License) 1 Year

*Prices are per seat*

All malware and anti-virus software are not created equal. Webroot Business Endpoint Protection takes your virus protection beyond the ordinary, applying machine learning and artificial intelligence that "learns" your web habits, notes frequently visited websites and identifies threat intelligence.

Webroot Endpoint Protection uses real-time predictive technology to identify malicious files and continuously monitors systems to thwart attacks from internet hackers and predators. Webroot Business Endpoint Protection is a surprisingly affordable anti-virus and anti-malware program that is a favorite with millions of customers. It has won the trust PC Magazine and is a multiple award-winning program that mitigates advanced threats before they have a chance to strike. Looking for a one-year renewal of Webroot Endpoint Protection for existing customers? We have renewals available at bulk pricing discounts at Trusted Tech Team.

While providing threat prevention, detection, control, and Next Gen features, Webroot has become one of the most robust systems there is for today's businesses. Take a look at some features below:

  • Automated detection and response (ADR) to stop threats and remediate systems automatically
  • Behavioral analysis to identify malicious files based on behavioral deviations or anomalies
  • Threat intelligence that processes data through ML and AI algorithms to determine whether a file or process is malicious
  • Ransomware protection to record file and system changes so systems can be restored to their pre-infected state in the event of a ransomware infection
  • Forensics capable of replaying attacks to help security teams better mitigate future breaches
  • Endpoint detection and response to continuously monitor systems and networks to mitigate advanced threats
  • Anti-script/anti-exploit protection that prevents application exploits from launching